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Latest News from Ekonk Community Junior Grange

By Rebecca Gervais

  JUNE 9, 2013 --

April was a busy month for us.  We were inspected by Sister Kay Ruff.  It is always a pleasure to see her!  We took in 4 new members.  Brianna Gervais has been waiting for “SO LONG” to join Junior Grange like her older brothers!  That she was able to join on my Birthday, made it a sweet gift for me!  Casey and Patrick Ferns have been our friends for years.  They have been in three of our Christmas plays.  Such fun kids!  Finally, last but not least,  Jacob Bessette also joined.  His older sister joined awhile ago.  It is great when families belong!

In April a small group of Juniors and Subordinates cleaned up around on of the rivers in town.  They were a diligent group! Good job, all!

We also went on a hike.  Some of the youth joined us, for a total of 19 and a pooch.  We had an enjoyable amble through part of Pachaug forest.  The kids had so much fun, when they were at the shelter they decided we should go camping!

At our May meeting we had 12 Junior members present, there was a total of 24.  A smaller than usual  group as the school was having a dance for the Junior High, and Carly and Conner Sebastion were at a play in Plainfield High school. A “Civil War Soldier” was our guest for the evening.  He had a very informative talk, although he kept it short for our young group.  We can’t wait until our Fair in August when he’ll be back with his group.  They will have a tent and lots of cool stuff from that time.

We have been on Facebook for over a year, feel free to check us out online, or even better, visit us in person!

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