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Ekonk Community Junior Grange News for April

By Rebecca Gervais

  APRIL 3, 2013 --

The boys had our last meeting’s program.  We had a fun night!  Balloon games are always a big hit!  We also played 4 corners and an eye game.  Lots of energy and a poppin’ good time!  Sister Kay Ruff visited us, she will be inspecting us in April.

In February we held our Indoor Fun Night.  We had an awesome time!  We held a baking contest, and Lillian Sharpe placed first in the nine and under group, followed by Lacy and Jared.  Maria Angelone won first in the 10 and older group with Emily and Natasha taking second and third.  These kids made from-scratch recipes that would make any baker proud. We had a total of 12 entries!  Glad I wasn’t a judge.  They all should be proud!!  We feasted on pizza, played a variety of games including matchbox-car races and musical chairs.  We also had a duct tape and bead area.  It was an awesome night!

We are selling candy bars to raise money for a travel fund for Juniors who would like to go to National events.  We will be visiting a convalescent home with the Easter Bunny and seeing another maple sugar shack during the month of March.  Busy month, should have lots to report in the next Granger.  Visitors and friends are always welcome to join us!

Apr. 5:  Leftover Easter Eggs and Peeps!


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