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Ekonk Community Junior Grange News for March

By Sue Gray

  MARCH 5, 2013 --

We will have baskets for needy families around Easter time; many are in need and the smiles we bring to those in need are thanks enough!  Our young people will be rehearsing their 2013 Drill by the time that you are reading this, their enthusiasm is certainly catching.  Our 2013 Fair President Link Cooper, conducted a planning meeting of the Committee.  Two members of the Civil War Battery B Militia Unit of Northeast Topographical Engineers attended the meeting; our August 10th Fair will feature an “Encampment” of this unit.

Historical Societies, Fire Departments, Scouts, 4H, FFA are all invited to participate.  This committee has a lot of new ideas and are energized!

We voted to confer a degree this year in the manner our Founders would be proud of (we hope)!  Jody Cameron is in charge.

Thanks to Jan Cooper for the bright, yellow, gingham curtains that grace our hall windows.  With the new blinds and new hall light, one might think we are preparing for something special - our 125th Anniversary perhaps?

April Fool’s Day we look forward to extra fun when our dear friends from Richmond, RI come for a visit and bring us a program.

See you around!


Mar. 16:  Corned Beef & Cabbage Supper, 5 P.M.

Apr. 1:  Richmond Grange Visits & Brings the Program


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