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CT Grange earns national award

By Tina Detelj, WTNH - News 8 (12/10/12)

  DECEMBER 10, 2012 --

Good deeds are not going unnoticed in the town of Sterling.

In fact, the efforts of the Ekonk Community Grange have earned it a national award.

"It's pretty much everything we do for the whole entire year."

The Ekonk Community Grange in Sterling is getting National recognition.

"We did a fundraiser for an autistic boy."

A book, which is several inches thick, is a weighty example of what members have been doing in just one year.

From raising money for the American Legion Veterans housing project in Jewett City, to supporting Relay for Life and participating in the town's Memorial Day parade.

"We've worked up to the point where if somebody needs something they call on the grange for it," said Katie Molodich, President, Ekonk Grange.

At 18 Molodich is already President of the grange which honors its agricultural roots, but has also evolved into a service organization. Efforts recognized by the National Grange's 2012 Community Service Competition. Of 589 granges Ekonk took first place.

"We do these things not to be recognized," Molodich said. "We do it because it's what the grange is about. It's about helping others."

The stage is already set for the grange's next big event, the Christmas play, and as you may expect it also benefits others in the community.

"I feel so sorry for you my friend, but someday you'll..."

That's Brianna Gervais as Rudolf. She's one of the stars and a grange member herself. Proceeds from the play will go to a family adopted for the holidays.

"We have a very generous bunch," said Rebecca Gervais, Ekonk Junior Grange.

So generous they have enough gifts for that family and three other children. The book will continue to grow. Each year they adopt a new cause, which becomes part of their annual effort.

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