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Ekonk Community Junior Grange News for January

By Rebecca Gervais

  JANUARY 9, 2013 --

We joined the Youth and over 30 of us went on a hike to Mt. Misery, and a round-a-bout walk out of the woods for a total of about 3 miles.  It was an enjoyable hike and we all appreciated the hot dogs and hamburgers back at the Grange.  So nice to come back to a hot meal.  A fun hike, a nice meal, and great friends makes for a pretty nice way to spend a few hours.

We have been pretty busy.  A group of us “walked” for St. Jude on “Black Friday.”  A great way to spend the day after Thanksgiving.  We raised $441.00.  Hooray to Emily for being in charge of this event, she did an awesome job.

About 22 of us ate a quick lunch at the Grange and went to see the “Indian Calendar” stones that are close by.  It was very fun and informative.  George Molodich met us on his family’s land to show us the many rocks and to explain them to us.  It is amazing the treasures that are close by!

We have been practicing for our Christmas play, which was held on the 14th.  We performed “The Littlest Reindeer.”  I will report on our play in next month’s column.

We “adopted” a family from Sterling, with the Subordinates, and grabbed a few extra tags off the tree for local kids.  We have a generous bunch!

The Christmas Bazaar was held on the 8th.  We had a bake sale table and raised $66.25! 

Ho, ho hope you all had a Merry Christmas and the New Year is a happy and healthy one.  Feel free to join in on our fun, ANYTIME!


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