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New London County Pomona News for January

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  JANUARY 23, 2013 --

There are a couple of corrections for the Pomona Handbook.  (When in doubt, blame the computer!)  The Master’s cell phone number should be 401-284-8253.  The Lecturer’s address should be 137 South Road, Groton 06340.

We are looking forward to our annual potluck and movie night in February.  It will take place at North Stonington Grange Hall this year.  The date is tentatively set for Saturday, February 9th, barring a blizzard.  We will have more about this in our next article.

The summer is over, the fall’s in the past.

If only those yummy, warm seasons could last.

O.K., so right now Old Man Winter is king;

But it won’t be long ‘till we see Lady Spring.


Feb. 9:  Movie and Potluck, North Stonington Grange


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