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Ekonk Community Junior Grange May Update

By Rebecca Gervais

  MAY 8, 2012 --

Greetings from Ekonk Junior!

We held our ping-pong and balloon fun in late March. We also had homemade pizza. We all brought toppings, and Jackie made all of the dough. It sure smelled good, and tasted even better. We fed 44 people! --and, had left-overs. The younger kids had a great time playing balloon games, and popping them! The older kids, and some adults, played pizza-box-ping-pong (homemade paddles) and the “over-all-under 30 champ” was Andrew Molodich. Congratulations, Andrew!

On April 1st, 23 of us went to a convalescent home in Uncasville. It is quite a hike, but worth it. Chris and Conner Sebastion each dressed up as the Easter Bunny! All of the kids passed out crafts and chocolates. Thank goodness we had someone from there who knew where to go and who could have what. The kids were a big hit, and we all felt better for having gone.

We only had 20 at our April meeting. We didn’t expect a big crowd in April as we met on Good Friday at the Sharpe’s home. The Subordinate Grange held their third chowder and clam-cakes supper, so we couldn’t meet at the hall. Lucky Lillian and Rusty Sharpe have enough room for us to have a meeting. Thanks, guys!! Carly Sebastion and Clifford Gervais both did a 10 minute program, they are 2 of our members who are working towards their Super JG pin. We voted to sponsor Brandi Hawkins when she walks in Relay for Life.

Jenna Wesa is waiting to join, and will become a member next month!

Coming up, we have our plant sale, the Sat. before Mother’s Day, 9am-2pm. Money raised is donated to local children’s charities. We voted to also have a bake sale. Will report on our Coffeehouse next month. Hope you find time to visit our busy bunch.


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