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Ekonk Community Grange May News

By Sue Gray

  MAY 7, 2012 --

We were so pleased to be able to donate $180.00 to Evelyn LeSage, towards purchase of the special dog needed to help her 6 year old autistic son.  We also were glad to help the Sterling United Protestant Church refurbish their Church after damage from flooding via three fundraisers!  The Youth Drill Team is working hard to earn the monies necessary to attend the Northeast Drill Competition.  They are collecting pennies, using the “Pave a Mile in Pennies” theme: did you know that it takes 84,480 pennies, laid end to end, to cover a mile--they plan to raise $844.80 in pennies!  They will also be selling the popular Yankee Candles.  We voted to donate the Granges’ monthly portion of our 50/50 to the Drill Team from April through July (small way to help, but every little bit helps)!

Congratulations to our President J. Allen Cameron, who has been appointed to the State FFA Board!

April 26th we held our FFA Appreciation Spaghetti Supper.  We serve a free meal to Killingly High School FFA members and alumni and hold a fundraiser with all monies going into their Scholarship Fund.  This year, we will have to Grangers graduate Killingly High (both FFA girls):  Betsy Molodich (our Vice President) and Brandi Hawkins.

We were pleased to be able to bring Easter cheer to two Senior couples in Sterling with boxes filled with non-perishable food items and including an Easter ham, potatoes and vegs.

We appreciate Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm donating a pie at each of our Grange suppers.  Each person who brings non-perishable food items for the collection box, receives a ticket and at the end of the supper, a lucky winner receives a pie courtesy of the Turkey Farm!  This works well, keeping our coffers full of items to donate as well as a little extra inspiration for the giver!

Thanks to Granger Frank Murray, for his generosity of beautiful (ladies) warm coats, jackets, suits etc. to the Sterling Library “Clothing for those in need” room.  His late wife, Doris, would be most proud!

April 14th we hosted a Roast Beef Supper to benefit Sterling Family Day and May 12th, we hold one for our Grange.

The annual Earth Day poster contest for Sterling 3rd graders went over well, as usual!

We will be represented at the annual Sterling Memorial Day Parade by both Junior and Subordinate delegations.

Looking forward to June, mark your calendars for Sat., June 9th: our 118th Strawberry Supper, starting at 5pm.  Spring has sprung on Ekonk Hill with beauty everywhere abounding.  Plan to drive our way and stop and visit!


May 12:  Roast Beef Supper 5pm-  $12.00

June 9:  118th Strawberry Supper


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