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Ekonk Community Junior Grange April Update

By Rebecca Gervais

  APRIL 19, 2012 --

Count total for our March meeting was 24.  The boys did a fun program.  Russell and Conner had us laughing with their jokes!

On March 24th we are having “pizza-box-Ping-Pong” and balloon fun afternoon.  I’ll report on this fun event next month.

In April, we plan on a “coffee-hour” fundraiser.  A drink (coffee/tea/cocoa/lemonade/?) and finger desserts.  ($2.-3.00 admission)  Kids and any willing adult will provide the entertainment...talent show kind of thing.  If you are interested, feel free to call me for the date and time.  We need talent AND an audience.  (860-564-1139, before 9pm, please)

We went bowling Feb. 19th.  All who went had a great time!   Andrew loved their pizza.  All the kids did magnificent!   The two hours flew by.

We went to Norman’s sugar shack, in Woodstock, on Feb. 26th.  They showed us their evaporators, and explained how sugaring works.  Then Mrs. Norman gave us ice cream sundaes with maple syrup!  Yum-Yum!   Then we went back to the hall for a super-supper of pancakes, French-toast, sausages, bacon, hash browns, drinks, and REAL maple syrup!  Scrumptious!  THANKS to the crew who stayed behind to cook for us, we even had Jack and Patty from Rhode Island helping.  About 42 people enjoyed the feast.

A pamphlet has been completed for our Grange, and passed out at local libraries, and other areas of interest.  We plan on holding the Welcoming ceremony for Jenna Wesa in May.

Lots going on, feel free to join us, ANYTIME!

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