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Ekonk Community Grange April News

By Sue Gray

  APRIL 1, 2012 --

In March we presented our Complete Program, “When he was President”.  We took in to Richmond Grange in nearby RI on Friday, March 16th.  Jake Gervais portrayed the infamous Al Capone and his brother, Clifford played the part of Eliot Ness. Carly and Christopher Sebastian were Lucille Ball and Charlie Chaplin; Mason Gray represented Henry Ford and Jaimie Cameron was the “Barnstormer”, Amelia Earhart!  If you haven’t all ready guessed, our program was on the 1920’s: we had a wonderful time doing this!

Jodi Ann Cameron brought to our attention the help needed for 6 year old Alexander LeSage of Central Village.  This young man is has autism and is in need of a specially trained dog to keep him safe: cost $10,000.00!  We voted to hold a prize give away fundraiser at our Corn Beef supper with all proceeds to help with the cost.  We also voted to have prize giveaways at our three Chowder N Clam cake suppers to benefit the Sterling United Protestant Church, who suffered tremendous water damage in the floods that hit Sterling.  We gave $100.00 in Scholastic books to the winning class at Voluntown School during Dr. Seuss Week:  32 4th graders will benefit from the books because they were the winners!

Thanks to Jim & Verna Cole; Janet Hawkins; Russell & Sue Gray and Jack and Patty Cottrell (Richmond Grange, RI) for the excellent supper they prepared for the ravenous group of 42 who returned from the Norman Sugar Shack Tour.  They were treated to pancakes, french toast, home fries, bacon, sausage, orange juice & coffee and of course, lots of real maple syrup!  We voted to pay for tablecloths for the Junior Granges “Coffee House” (Talent Show + goodies to eat)!

We welcomed Lincoln Cooper into membership at our March meeting; we know he will make a wonderful addition to our group!

Special thought go to Shelley Racine, Avis Barr and Linc and Jan Cooper.

Visit us anytime - we are known as the friendly Grange on the hill. 


April 2: “Who Made The Mountains..” Mtg/Program

April 6: Chowder N Clam Cakes 5pm

April 14: Roast Beef Supper 5pm

April 20: Square & Round Dance 7:30pm

May 12: Roast Beef Supper

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