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Do You Remember: Austin Emmons

By Betty Jane Gardiner

  OCTOBER 7, 2011 --

People who have served the Grange over the years often become known for certain capabilities.  Austin Emmons was one of those people and probably was best known as a man who knew and loved the ritual of the Grange.

When the request was made to Austin’s family for pictures to accompany this article, his daughter, Sue Gray, sent the pictures and a nice note.  Here is some of what she had to say...  “While he held a variety of pink sashes (Auditing Committee, Deputy, Pomona Deputy East) the most important thing he did (in his mind’s eye) was working with youth.  He and Ellsworth Weeks coached the Quinebaug Pomona Degree and Drill Team for years.  Both gentlemen excelled in ritualistic perfection and accepted nothing less from the youth they coached.  Ask Russell, he was a 4th Degree Master under his tutelage.  I was a 2nd Degree Master and Did did not hold back from criticizing me until I had the part letter and expression perfect.”  Sue said it so well.

When National Grange met in Hartford in 1972 it was the custom not only to confer the 6th Degree, but to make the 5th Degree available.  That year there was a large class of candidates who received those degrees in the ballroom of the Hilton Hotel.  Austin was partly responsible for preparing the 5th Degree and he was Master.  You can be sure it was done correctly.

The 6th Degree was presented by the State Master, Bill Pearl and his officers- and then there was a mad dash up the hill to the Bushnell Memorial for the conferral of the 7th Degree.  It was a big day.

Austin and his wife, Marion, loved to travel and he said he had visited every state- some more than once.

Have you noticed over the past months while reading the “Do You Remember” column, how many folks we have honored have family members now serving our Order?  That is certainly true of the Emmons Family with four generations taking active parts in Ekonk Community Grange, the Junior Grange and State and Pomona Granges.  Can you imagine how proud Austin would be?  We are a family organization- what better example canyou think of??

Do remember Austin.

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