Friday, October 23, 2020
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Meriden Grange Vegetable Garden Florishing

By Robert Charbonneau, Meriden Grange President

  AUGUST 12, 2011 --

As we were getting ready for a picnic at Meriden Grange this evening, we were amazed at how far along our vegetable garden has grown.  Michael Relyea, Vice-President of Meriden Grange No. 29 was behind having the garden.  At our picnic, we were able to sample the cherry tomatoes -- a nice sweet taste.  Even though a few of the plants didn't grow as well, overall the whole garden thrived this year on the south side of Meriden Grange Hall.  In one photo, a panoramic view of the garden was taken.  In another photo, Michael Relyea was checking out the tomato plants.  The last photo shows one of the six feral cats waiting for some handouts after the picnic.

Next month, the Meriden Grange Fair is scheduled for the 10th of September.  See our download page for a copy of this year's Meriden Grange Fair Premium Book.

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