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Cayenne Pepper

By Michael Relyea

  JULY 17, 2011 --

The best experience with the Cayenne pepper is to grow your own hot pepper plants. When starting out enrich the soil where you will be growing your hot peppers with composted manure prior to planting. The soil will hold moisture for far longer and your Cayenne pepper plants will not wilt as much on a hot summer day. As the Cayenne pepper matures the pepper grows hotter. The fresh peppers can be used when green or a more mature red depending on how hot you would like your food. The Cayenne pepper will liven up (even with seeds discarded) a Scalloped or Au Gratin potato supper dish. The Jalapeno's most suited successor a Cayenne Pepper’s bite is sixteen times that of the mildly Hot Banana pepper a favorite of ours sliced fresh into a bowl of marinated Husky Cherry Red and Roma Grape Juliet tomatoes with Chives, Olive oil and White Vinegar. Good luck with your gardens and do not rub your eyes when preparing the hot peppers.

Michael Relyea, Vice-President, Meriden Grange

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