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Meriden Grange Attends Assoc. of CT Fairs 2011 Adult Baking Demo

By Robert Charbonneau, Meriden Grange President

  JULY 27, 2011 --

Meriden Grange President Robert Charbonneau attended a baking demonstration this morning (6/25), put on by Tom Wilt, chairman of the Association of CT Fairs Adult Baking Committee.  The event was held at the Lyceum, in Terryville, CT.  There were more than a dozen attendees at the demonstration.  Tom Wilt showed how to prepare and bake "Rustic Cheese & Rosemary Bread."  This is the 2011 Adult Baking contest recipe.  

Anyone interested in seeing this Writer's notes, go to the Meriden Grange Fair site (http://www.meridengrange.org/grangeagfair.asp).  There is a PDF download at the bottom of the Fair page.  

Tom Wilt cut into the freshly baked bread at the end of the demonstration for us to sample it.  He took a slice and showed us the texture and look of the bread.  He explained what the judges will be looking for in the fall.  He indicated, the important factor will be taste.

Tom Wilt had a big announcement this morning.  King Arthur Flour, of Norwich, VT will sponsor the Adult Baking Contest at the ACF State Finals.  This will be held on Saturday, November 15th at the Lyceum in Terryville, CT.  The winners from the Major, District, Local and 4-H Fairs will be eligible for the State run-off.  Also, King Arthur Flour will be available to sponsor local fairs this year.  King Arthur will supply the recipe and prizes to the Fairs that wish to participate.  Contact the Adult Baking Committee at Baking@CTFairs.org for more information.  As information is available, Meriden Grange Fair will post it on their Fair web page.

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