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Connecticut Granger adds new AUGUST Edition
  JULY 2, 2011 --

The Connecticut Granger will be adding an AUGUST EDITION!!! 

We are pleased the State Grange and its community and Pomona Granges are so active that we have so much news and information to print in each edition of the Granger. We are not pleased to have so many photos and other information that have to be cut from each issue simply due to space limitations. 

The Granger always took August off because so many members were involved in the Connecticut Agricultural Fair at the end of July.  To help alleviate the bottleneck experienced just before and after the summer break, we are adding a new August edition. 

We hope all correspondents and chairpersons/directors will take the time to write an additional column/article for this issue.  The deadline will follow the pattern of all other issues-- July 5 for the August issue.  The number of pages will depend on the number of articles and other information submitted.

Submission can be e-mailed to granger@ctstategrange.org.


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