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Membership, Communications highlight National Grange Masters Conference

By Terri Fassio, Public Relations Co-Director

  MARCH 10, 2011 --

"It was an excellent opportunity for all State Grange Presidents to come together in a mutual environment as a more comprehensive team," said Connecticut State Grange President Jody Cameron as he reflected on the National Grange Masters Conference, held February 25-27, in Henderson, Nevada.

The conference was three days of workshops and programs sponsored by the National Grange, in which the topics covered included e-Membership, Traditional and Social Media, Communications, Membership and Grange Growth.

National Grange President Ed Luttrell kicked off the conference with an in-depth discussion of the membership visions of the Grange, and incorporating that vision into each State.

"Everyone felt comfortable, and everyone shared," Cameron explained.

Luttrell explained his long and short-term goals for membership, including a State Grange in all 50 states, and an increase in the number of Community Granges, as well as members, nationwide. In Connecticut, Granges are currently taking action to increase membership.

"There is great opportunity to grow, by introducing communities to the Grange," Cameron said. "The State Grange is to be of support to all Community and Pomona Granges, and by being there for each Grange it will reinforce its commitment to stronger Granges in EVERY community." Connecticut currently has Granges in nearly 60 communities across the state.

The role of the Grange in the communities across Connecticut is important to Cameron, with initiatives such as bringing members of the community together for common causes to better the lives of those in the community. "A Grange can be the catalyst and incubator of ideas," he explained. One way to share those ideas is through good communication practices.

Communication via traditional press and social media arenas were highlights of the weekend with two workshops held - "Your Grange and Traditional Media" and "Social Media and the Future of Communication."

The Connecticut State Grange currently has a strong media presence offline and online, leveraging communications practices from traditional newspapers, to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, Blogger and more. Cameron acknowledges the importance of communication to Granges. "In order for the Connecticut State Grange to be effective, all forms of media must be used to reach all members of the community."

At the close of the three days, Cameron stressed the fact that each State Grange President is the face of their respective Granges, and the importance of believing in what each Grange can accomplish moving forward.

"There is hope in believing, but there is energy in knowing, and I know that the members of the Connecticut State Grange believe in the purpose and mission of our organization and it is that belief that will pave the road of success for every Grange in our State."


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