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CT State Grange elects new slate of officers
  OCTOBER 22, 2010 --

The Connecticut State Grange held its election of officers as part of the second day schedule of its 126th Annual Session, including the expansion of two new Executive Board positions.  The newly elected officers will be installed on Saturday, October 23rd, beginning at 3:15 PM.  The new slate is as follows:

Master/President - Jody Cameron  (Ekonk Community Grange)
Oversser - Jeff Barnes  (North Stonington Community Grange)
Lecturer - Marge Bernhardt (Cheshire Grange)
Steward - Noel Miller (Coventry Grange)
Ast. Steward - George Russell (Riverton Grange)
Lady Ast. Steward - Cynthia Finch (Bethlehem Grange)
Chaplain - Amy Whitcomb (Taghhannuck Grange)
Treasurer - Phil Bergquist (Redding Grange)
Secretary - Edith Schoell (Manchester Grange)
Gatekeeper - Bob Buck (Oxford Grange)
Flora - Carol Hnath (Echo Grange)
Pomona - Debbie Barnes (North Stonington Grange)
Ceres - Kim Mele (Winchester Grange)
Pianist - Mary Lou Keefe (Winchester Grange)

Executive Committee 1 - Gordon Gibson (Vernon Grange)
Executive Committee 2 - F. Philip Prelli (Riverton Grange)
Executive Committee 3 - Robert Sendewicz (Redding Grange)
Executive Committee 4 - Ruel Miller (Cheshire Grange)
Executive Committee 5 - Ross Stands (Lyme Grange)


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