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CT State Grange President Addresses Session Attendees
  OCTOBER 21, 2010 --

On Thursday evening, October 21, outgoing Connecticut State Grange President Robert Sendewicz addressed the delegates and guests at the opening session of the Grange's 126th Annual Convention.

Speaking to Grange members from across the state in his final address as State President, Sendewicz touched on a wide range of subjects including the Grange growth program and  community service.

"A little over two years ago I introduced a Grange growth program in our state. Since then it has picked up good leaders, has had training from the National Grange Growth summits and has had some experience in presentations,"  Sendewicz said. "Now, under theleadership of Jody Cameron, it has developed its structure, organized its program,identified its goals and will begin training more members to fulfill those goals." 

Throughout the address, Sendewicz often reflected on his past four years in office, thanking those Grange members who were a part of his team - and who were committed to working on building towards the future, while addressing the challenges head on.

"Over the past twenty years, as an officer of the State Grange, I have had thepleasure of working with some of the nicest and most professional people thereare in the Grange and all have always had the best interests of the Grange at heart," Sendewicz said as he commended his team for work well-done.  "I definitely see a better future for Connecticut Granges."

To read the address in it's entirety, please visit the State Session section of the Connecticut State Grange website, www.CTStateGrange.org, and follow the link to the Master's Address page.  The Address can also be downloaded as a PDF file from the Downloads page.


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