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Families enjoy annual Grange Fair

By Karen Butera, The Reminder News (8-14-09)

  AUGUST 14, 2009 --

Lots of fun was on the agenda at the Sterling Grange Fair last weekend.

"It is family fun for the town," said Grange Secretary Sue Gray. The 27th annual event started on Friday, Aug. 7, when participants entered items like arts and crafts, flowers and cooking for judging. "People from 1 to 110 can bring in items from gardens, baked items, canned items or hobby-related items," said Gray.

"Twenty-five people entered over 200 items... Crafts from kids, baking, photos ... All sorts of good stuff," said Jodi Ann Cameron, who helped with the ribbons . Around 100 to 200 people were expected throughout the day on Saturday, with the emphasis on family fun.

The day started with a "Bike Rodeo," presented by Tony Rose of the Department of Environmental Protection Police. "We are going over our basic bicycle safety and control of the bike - starting and stopping," said Rose. They had a course where the participants had to go around cones, looking around for pretend obstacles. Rose added, "We also went over road safety with traffic laws and obeying them. Before long, [the children] will be old enough to ride on the streets, and we discussed riding in single file and riding with the traffic ... Also, wearing helmets and wearing them properly." A free bike was awarded to a girl and boy, and a helmet was also given away, compliments of local businesses.

Grandma Jan was visiting from Oregon with her daughter and three grandchildren. "This is fun... My grandson entered art and photos in the judging, his mom entered muffins, and his dad entered photos," she said.

The Fair Committee would meet several times during the year to see what events they wanted to have. This year they had a free moon bounce. "The Hula Hoop Lady," Certified Body Hoop Instructor Carol Becker, RPT, was there and had the kids joining in to learn the proper technique of using the hula hoop. When they weren't dancing, Becker had them playing games with the hoops. There was also a nail-driving contest, and food was provided by the United Protestant Church of Sterling.


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