Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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CT State Grange History Book Naming Contest
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Terri Fassio
Co-Director of Public Relaitons
(860) 626-5074


We have been stumped on what to name the new CT State Grange History Book, so we are asking our Grange members for a little help. To make it fun, we are going to hold a book naming contest! We want your creative and catchy suggestions and ideas! A good title is what draws readers in. It should be unique, descriptive, provide insight into the content, and be memorable.

The entry names submitted may NOT be either “The Grange in Connecticut” or “The Connecticut Granges” as both of these names were used for previous historical Connecticut Grange publications.

The book, which will chronicle the history of the CT State Grange and its Granges, as well as contain historical highlights, officer and member spotlights, member memories, photos and more, will be released for the 140th Anniversary of the CT State Grange in 2025.

Send us your naming suggestions and ideas by completing the form below, or via email at information@ctstategrange.org or by USPS mail to Connecticut State Grange, P.O. Box 3, Winchester Center, CT 06094

DEADLINE for submissions is: February 1, 2022

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Complete Contest Rules:

The following are the complete contest rules for the Connecticut State Grange Book Naming Contest.

Eligibility: The contest is open only to individuals. You must be a Grange member in good standing to submit naming suggestions and entries. Grange members may submit as many entries as they feel are worthy to be considered. All entrants must be at least 14 years of age.

To Enter: For the initial submission phase, Grange members can submit their suggestions via email to information@ctstategrange.org or via USPS mail to Connecticut State Grange, P.O. Box 3, Winchester Center, CT 06094. For the final public voting phase of this contest, Grange members can visit the Connecticut State Grange website, www.CTStateGrange.org, and complete the “Name Our History Book” entry form. Entries will also be accepted via USPS mail using a form that will be published in the Connecticut Granger, available as a download from our website, or from our Social Media entities. Entries will NOT be accepted via email for the final public voting phase.

Deadline: The Contest will open for submissions on September 1, 2021. (This gives us time to get the word out prior.) The Connecticut State Grange will accept initial submissions through February 1, 2022, and will announce the top 5 submissions as selected by the Connecticut State Grange Executive Board on March 15, 2022. Public voting (via online and paper/USPS mailed submissions) will begin on March 16, 2022 and run until May 1, 2022. The title with the most votes will win. The winner will be announced on June 24, 2022.

Prize: The winner will win bragging rights - and if that isn’t enough, will also be acknowledged as such in the book. We will be honoring the winner at the 2025 Connecticut State Grange Session by presenting them with one book, then the Connecticut State Grange will provide one additional book to be donated to the library or historical association/museum of the winner’s choice. (The Connecticut State Grange will directly provide this book to the organization chosen by the winner, in the winner’s name.)

About the Book: The book will contain the History of the Connecticut State Grange, statistical data, profiles on every Grange and Pomona, and profiles on select Junior Granges. There will be a section on State Masters with each of their biographies and photos.

Other historical data will be highlighted as well, such as Camp Berger, Connecticut Ag Fair, Grange Services, Patrons Mutual, Lecturer’s Conferences, CSYG, Get Connecticut Out of the Mud, and lots, lots more.

A section with spotlight profiles on a wide selection of members who were prominent, active or important to our history throughout the years will be included. There will also be a section where members can share Grange memories. Current and historic photos will be placed throughout the book.

Logistics: As we have 140 years worth of history to include in this publication, this will be a coffee table sized book, of approx. 800 pages. We are discussing whether we want to have a printed hard cover versus a hard linen cover with a dust jacket. Another consideration is a spiral bound book, but this is the least popular of binding options. The book will be released for the 140th Anniversary of the Connecticut State Grange in 2025.

The Fine Print: The entry names submitted may NOT be either “The Grange in Connecticut” or “The Connecticut Granges” as both of these names were used for previous historical Connecticut Grange publications. Entries must adhere strictly to all applicable copyright laws and guidelines. Judges (the Connecticut State Grange Executive Board) may disqualify any entry based on a reasonable belief that the entry infringed on copyright laws. The Connecticut State Grange Executive Board reserves the right to not select any Top 5 submissions if, in their sole discretion, no suitable entries are submitted. If there are multiple submissions of the same name, the Connecticut State Grange Executive Board will hold a random drawing of those specific submissions if necessary for the entrant to proceed into the Top 5 selections. The winning submission becomes the property of the Connecticut State Grange. The winner should not expect compensation or royalties from naming the book. Full copyright will belong to The Connecticut State Grange.

Acceptance: Participation constitutes the entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these official rules. By participating in the contest, the entrant is representing and warranting that he/she has read and understood, and agrees to be bound by, these rules. Including the guides and rules referred to herein, these official rules constitute the entire agreement between the entrant and the Connecticut State Grange in relation to the contest. Accepting the prize constitutes permission for the Connecticut State Grange to make public and otherwise use the winner’s name for publicity purposes.

These complete rules are available as download by clicking HERE, as well as mailed via this letter to each Grange.

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