Sunday, October 13, 2019
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The Sixth Degree

Now is a great time to take the Sixth Degree and become members of the Connecticut State Grange.  Why?  National Grange is coming to Vermont in November and by becoming a Sixth Degree member, you become eligible to receive the Seventh Degree close to home!

What do you need to do?  To be eligible, you must have received the Fifth Degree (Pomona) before taking the Sixth.  Please check with your Pomona to see if they are conferring the Fifth Degree this fall prior to State Session.

Once you have the Fifth Degree, you can come to State Session on Saturday, October 20 to receive the degree.  Candidates for the degree are asked to arrive at the Holiday Inn by 2:30 P.M. for the conferral which begins promptly at 3:00 P.M. in the Grand Ballroom.

There is an application and a fee of $10 per member to receive the degree.  Applications are available by contacting the State Secretary in advance of State Session.  They can also be purchased at any time during Session and at the door on the afternoon of the degree.

This beautiful degree will also be conferred on the morning of the last day of National Grange Session for members unable to be present for a conferral in their home states.

Questions about State Session and the Degrees can be sent to the State Secretary- Secretary@CTStateGrange.org

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