Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Annual Session - Resolutions and Results
Resolutions are available for download in PDF form on the downloads page.
Resolutions for year:

WHEREAS the by-laws of the National Grange Sec. 4.11.1 (G) limits the amount a Grange may retain after the sale of property to $1,000 with the remainder to be kept in trust by the State Grange, and

WHEREAS this section has not been updated in several years and value of property has risen dramatically over those years.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the first sentence of Sec. 4.11.1 (G) be changed to read:

“When a sale of real property is concluded, the selling Subordinate or Pomona Grange shall account for the net proceeds of the sale received at the time of settlement and shall remit all but the sum of $1,000 10% of such net proceeds or $1,000 of such net proceeds whichever is greater to the State Grange having jurisdiction to be held in trust for the said Subordinate or Pomona Grange.

Riverton Grange No. 169



WHEREAS throughout the complete Connecticut State Grange history up to and including the proposed budget for Oct. 2015 – Sept. 2016, item #40002, Dues-Subordinate has been reported as one figure, alone, and

WHEREAS the Treasurer’s Report for 2016 changes item #40002 to read, Dues-Subordinate-Other, combining Subordinate with other income, contrary to auditing practices, and his own Delegate-approved budget.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Treasurer stop combining Subordinate and other incomes and report them separately in the Annual Report.

Granby Grange No. 5



WHEREAS some delegates to the State yearly meeting are unaware of their obligations as a resolution voter.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that each Subordinate Grange be notified that their delegates to the yearly meeting must vote yes on all resolutions accepted by the members of their Subordinate, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all voting delegates under each Pomona must vote yes on all resolutions accepted by their Pomona.

Granby Grange #5



WHEREAS a resolution writer must follow at least three sets of guidelines printed by the State Grange at different times,

Instruction Guide “A” has 4 pages with 12 paragraphs, undated, unsigned.
“B” has one page with 12 paragraphs, dated 2-23-2018 unsigned
“C” has one page with 6 paragraphs. CT Granger, 2-2009 unsigned, and

WHEREAS the writer then finds the three conflict with each other, such as,
Instruction “A” says start with stating the general purpose,
“B” says start with page #, name of source, and writer.
“C” says number resolution, have clear concise title, and state problem.
Instruction “A” says the purpose of your resolution.
“B” says, start with one long perambulatory of general statements
“C” says state the problem, and
Instruction “A” says start with a fact that can be proven and at the end express your hopes.
“B” says start with one long sentence in which the opinion of the writer is reflected.
“C” says, do not express opinions, and
Instruction “A” says, end your statement with a semi-colon and the letter A, which is followed, without a space, the word and, which is followed by the letter “A” in a circle, and then followed by a semi-colon.
“B” says, after each clause a semi-colon is put.
“C” says, at the end put a semi-colon, followed by the word “and,” and
Instruction “A,” at the bottom, says, after the final resolve to add a line stating the name and number of your Grange.
“B” at the top, says, start with the heading title of the source Grange.
“C,” has no advice on submitter, and
Instruction “A” says, when there’s more than one resolve, end each with a semi-colon, followed by a capital “A”, then the word “and” in small letters, and then an “A” in a circle.
“B” says, with more than one resolve, the next to last resolve be followed by the word “and”, in capital letters.
“C” says, when there’s more than one resolve, tie them together with, “and be it further resolved.”

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that ALL resolutions be accepted, regardless of faults, for the annual state meeting, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the committee it is assigned to shall then re-write the resolution, keeping the writer’s intentions intact, for the assembly vote.

Granby Grange #5



WHEREAS there have been several proposals in recent years to sell real estate owned by the State of Connecticut which were opposed by the general public, and

WHEREAS there were no public hearings or other official means for the public to express their opposition to these proposed sales, and

WHERES there will be a question on the ballots in the general election this fall which, if passed, will require the State to hold a public hearing on the proposed sale or transfer of any State owned real estate, and

WHEREAS the Grange has taken positions to preserve parks, forests and agricultural land in Connecticut.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Connecticut State Grange support the passage of the question on the ballots this fall to amend the State Constitution to mandate that public hearings be held on the proposed sale of any State owned real estate, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all Granges and Grange members be encouraged to advocate for the passage of the question concerning the public hearings on the sale of any State owned real estate.

Vernon Grange #52



WHEREAS presently Connecticut has established laws and fines concerning driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or while texting, and

WHEREAS there was a recent study showing that many parents are still texting while driving even when there is a child in the car, and

WHEREAS there has also been occurrences of adults who have been drinking or under the influence of drugs and driving while a child in the car.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Connecticut State Grange urge the Connecticut General Assembly to double the fines of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or texting while driving when there is a child in the vehicle at the time of the arrest.

Lyme Grange #147



WHEREAS Executive reports must account for every penny going in and out at the Subordinate and Pomona levels, and

WHEREAS incoming and outgoing monies are handled by a variety of volunteers, who may do the in or the out, or sometimes both operations, and

WHEREAS State Executive Committee Report writers are setting a bad example by losing or gaining 50 to 100 thousand dollars between 11:59 Sept. 30 and 12:01 Oct. of the same year, and

WHEREAS when asked about the discrepancy, the delegates were told that was the only way they could correct the poor bookkeeping of the outgoing treasurer, and

WHEREAS after two treasurer changes the discrepancies continued, then asked again about the discrepancy and were told that it takes a month to get a certain figure, and

WHEREAS all the State’s illusive answers were conveyed to the State President on 2-15-17, hoping for clarification, so that the delegates might return to their Subordinates with an understandable explanation of the State’s answers, but clarification went unanswered.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Section “A” of the Executive Committee Report, detailing the 11:59 P.M. Sept. 30 ending figures be eliminated, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the listing of institutions where Subordinate monies are held be eliminated, adhering to Connecticut non-profit corporation law which states that “non-profits must be governed by their own boards and can’t have outside management”, this would stop publicity of Subordinate fund monies, making them more secure, and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that Subordinate and Pomona Executive Committee Report writers follow the National procedure which adds the yearly income to the outgo, and putting the balance into a special fund, which reflects the gain or loss for the year.

Granby Grange #5



WHEREAS for many years the voting delegates to the Connecticut State Grange Annual Session received per diem per session and a mileage allowance per Article 4, Section 7 of the by-laws, and

WHEREAS this section of the by-laws was eliminated at the 130th Session in October 2014, and

WHEREAS many Granges are struggling financially and can no longer afford to pay for their delegates leaving these expenses to be paid by the delegates themselves, and

WHEREAS expenses have increased, imposing a further burden on the delegates.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Connecticut State Grange at the 2019 Session reinstate said by-law and return to payment for delegates of $2.00 per session and a mileage allowance.

Beacon Valley Grange #103



WHEREAS vehicles require a license plate for identification purposes, and

WHEREAS ability to read a license plate number is essential in many situations, including the reporting of accidents, emergency or criminal actions, and

WHEREAS some people place decorative frames around their license plate, or a dark tinted cover, and

WHEREAS these optional additions may serve as an obstruction to easy visibility when attempting to read a license plate, and

WHEREAS an obstruction to reading a license plate may be detrimental to law enforcement officers or fellow drivers who wish to report and accident, emergency or unsafe driving, and

WHEREAS a statute does exist identifying license plate obstruction as illegal.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Connecticut State Grange contact the Department of Transportation to explore possibilities of means to increase the fine for the offense and/or promote methods to enforce the existing law.

Redding Grange #15



WHEREAS consumers may purchase packaged products for cooking and baking at home, and

WHEREAS food preparation instructions typically include important information such as ingredients to measure, sequence of preparation, and recommendations for cooking and timing, and

WHEREAS packaged products may be sold in a variety of containers, including cardboard, plastic and glass, and

WHEREAS directions or instructions may be printed directly on a package or upon an affixed label, and

WHEREAS directions or instructions are often difficult to read due to the small print/font and/or low contrast of print upon background color (for example black print on a dark blue background surface).

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that a representative of the National Grange contact the Food and Drug Administration to recommend consumer-friendly, easy to read labeling of food preparation instructions on packaged products for home cooking and baking.

Redding Grange #15



WHEREAS Grange meetings and events are held in a variety of venues, but not limited to, e.g.: a dedicated Grange Hall, a public space such as a library, church hall, school, community center, restaurant or catering hall, public or private park, or even a private residence, and

WHEREAS certain law enforcement officials are required to carry a permitted gun, concealed or visible, on their person at all times, and

WHEREAS in the Ritual for the opening the Subordiante/Community Grange Meeting, the Gatekeeper’s declaration "I therefore close this outer gate in Faith, in Hope and Charity and will guard it with Fidelity" implies that the Grange meeting is a safe place, and

WHEREAS in the Ritual for Closing the Subordinate/Community Grange Meeting, the Master's declaration "Let us be quiet, peaceful citizens" implies that the Grange meeting is a safe place, and

WHEREAS in the opening charge to the First Degree candidates, the Master's declaration that "the chief objective of the Grange is to build a better and higher manhood and womanhood, and to develop a mutual respect and concern through Brotherhood" implies that the Grange meeting is a safe place, and

WHEREAS it is recognized that some citizens have properly secured a permit to carry a visible or concealed gun on their person, and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that all Grange meetings and events must, at all times, must be a safe place for members and non-members to meet, gather and participate, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that, for the safety of all Grange members and non-members attending such meetings or events, guns are not necessary on the meeting or event premises, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that only certain law enforcement officials will be allowed to carry a permitted visible or concealed gun on to Grange meeting or event premises, and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that any person (other than certain law enforcement officials required to carry a visible or concealed gun) carrying a gun on their person must not bring it on to the Grange meeting or event premises, but either leave the gun at home or secured and locked in the glove box of their vehicle before coming on premise of a Grange meeting or event, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be sent to the 2018 National Grange Session for their consideration and approval, and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that guns have no place or use in a Grange meeting or event and therefore all Grange meetings and event spaces are gun-free at all times.

Cannon Grange #152



WHEREAS Round Up products were intended as an herbicide as a means to control and eliminate invasive species such as poison ivy, and

WHEREAS research has determined that the active ingredient, glyphosate and the inert ingredients of Round Up are responsible for an alarming increase in illness and death in birds, animals and potentially humans, and

WHEREAS it has been demonstrated that Round Up kills bees and other insects, and

WHEREAS when in use, the run off from this herbicide is detrimental to the aquifer and may be toxic to amphibians and fish, and

WHEREAS other developed countries in the world have currently been in the process of banning Round Up products.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Grange contact a representative of the Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Department of Agriculture to encourage the development of legislation to ban the sale and use of Round Up products or their chemical equivalents in the United States of America.

Greenfield Hill Grange #133



WHEREAS many people purchase kayaks and other small watercraft and utilize them without any training in basic safety procedures and precautions, and

WHEREAS in some cases this leads to preventable injuries, and even deaths.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Bethlehem Grange #121 encourage the Connecticut State Grange to lobby the Connecticut General Assembly to adopt legislation that would require purchasers of small watercraft (kayaks, canoes, and the like) to take a basic course in water safety procedures, such as those offered by the United States Power Squadron, in order to lessen the
incidence of injuries and deaths related to unfamiliarity with basic water safety rules and procedures.

Bethlehem Grange #121



WHEREAS there are about 700 black bears living in Connecticut as of 10/2017, and sightings are becoming more common (4,370 between 7/27/2017 and 5/21/2018), and

WHEREAS as sightings become more numerous, some of these involve unsafe interactions with humans and their ursine neighbors, such as the 43 bears killed in auto collisions in 2016.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Connecticut State Grange stand in support of legislative actions taken by the General Assembly to institute a limited bear hunting season to keep the population of black bears in Connecticut in check before they become numerous enough to cause a serious safety threat to the general population.

Bethlehem Grange #121



WHEREAS invasive species crowd out native species, and

WHEREAS invasive plants species provide inferior support for native wildlife, and

WHEREAS invasive species can harbor threats to human health, such as Lyme disease, and

WHEREAS some invasive species are damaging vistas and recreational opportunities, and

WHEREAS invasive species are spread quickly by equipment and by significant disturbances such as construction, logging, mowing, and erosion, and

WHEREAS invasive species incur environmental and economic impacts that worsen over time.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Connecticut State Grange urge the Connecticut General Assembly to enact and support comprehensive policies throughout relevant State agencies that educate the public on invasive species and prevent, contain and remove invasive species:

1. In areas where it is likely to be the most successful, such as

a. Isolated patches, and
b. Rural areas, and

2. In areas where it is likely to have the most impact, such as

a. wetlands, and
b. Sensitive habitats, and
c. Pre- and post-logging, and
d. Post-construction monitoring, and
e. Roadside mowing, and

3. Using cost effective and environmentally sensitive methods, such as

a. Equipment washing to prevent spread, and
b. Seasonally effective and appropriate treatments, and
c. Training and mobilizing municipalities and volunteer groups, and
d. Ongoing consultation with the latest conservation science.

Simsbury Grange #197



WHEREAS a forest is a self-sustaining ecosystem, and New England’s natural landscape is predominantly forested, and

WHEREAS public forests are held in the public trust, and for the benefit of current and future generations, and

WHEREAS an intact forest ecosystem is biodiverse, allows for and even thrives on natural disturbances, and is the most resource-efficient approach to stewardship and conservation, and

WHEREAS intact unmanaged forests provide the highest level of ecosystem services such as flood and erosion control, and carbon storage and absorption, and

WHEREAS trees can live for hundreds of years, natural old forests are treasured by the public and valued highly by scientists, and are now extremely rare- less than 1% of the landscape in Southern New England, and

WHEREAS tax dollars are used to log public forests.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that State policies regarding public forests prioritize and maximize:

1. Public health and safety, quiet reflection, enjoyment of nature, and a sense of wildness;
2. Long-term ecosystem integrity and economic services such as carbon storage, flood control and compatible recreation;
3. Restoration and protection of natural old forests and old growth ecological characteristics, and;
4. Periodic long-term monitoring by a team of scientific professionals (including a forest ecologist, climate scientist, plant and wildlife biologist, recreation specialist) to begin to accumulate knowledge of natural forests during relevant timescales (hundreds of years).

Simsbury Grange #197



WHEREAS public land is held in the public trust, and is for the public good, and

WHEREAS on average several pieces of public land are sold, swapped or disposed of by the General Assembly each year without public knowledge, and

WHEREAS some of these transactions may be in the best interests of the public, none are an emergency, and all should receive a public hearing.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the members of the Connecticut State Grange understand that voting “Yes” on question 2 on the November 2018 Connecticut State ballot ensures that going forward a public hearing is held prior to the sale, swap or disposal of public land, and that such transactions would require approval by a 2/3 vote of the General Assembly.

Simsbury Grange #197



WHEREAS Veterans have served this nation, dedicated their energy, and many sacrificed their lives to maintain our safety and keep us free, and

WHEREAS Veterans deserve our continuing appreciation.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Memorial Day, Independence Day (4th of July), V-J Day parades highlight honoring our Veterans, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the press be encouraged to capture the essence of their contributions in their articles, instead of children, antique automobiles, etc., and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that this resolution be sent to the State Grange for their action.

Ekonk Community Grange #89



WHEREAS under incorporation law, only a company’s money and holdings may be attached or taken, and

WHEREAS the State and National dues portion of a Subordinate’s dues are NOT, receipts (or outgoes), cash, but a courtesy of the Secretary, saving postage, and the worry of remembering to
send out that 6.25 each three months.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that only the cash received over and above the State, and National requirements be reported in the Executives report, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that each Treasurer maintain a separate account and only report the interest to the Executives each year, and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that this resolution be forwarded to the National meeting.

Granby Grange #5



WHEREAS the Hastert Rule, also known as the “majority of the majority rule,” has been used by Republican speakers in the House of Representatives since the 1990’s to limit floor votes on bills unless a majority of the majority party supports the bill, and

WHEREAS this discourages bipartisan legislation from being brought to the floor of the House for consideration, and

WHEREAS this limits the ability of the minority party to bring up bills for a vote on the floor of the House.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Connecticut State Grange go on record as being opposed to this informal governing principle known as the Hastert Rule used by the House of Representatives majority party to effectively limit efforts at bipartisan legislation as well as disenfranchising the minority party, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be forwarded to the Connecticut State Grange and the National Grange for their consideratioin and adoption.

Oxford Grange #194


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