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Around The Grange
April 2018 News from Lyme Grange

By Lois Evankow

  April 24, 2018 --

Apr. 5: First & Second Degrees, Will the Deputy come?

May 3: Time to get your garden ready

May TBA: 8th Annual Plant & Food Sale.

June 7: Have your strawberries ripened yet? Memorial Service.

Oh, this weather on the first Thursday… rain, but freezing later. So many people sick. Our Master, Kathy Tefft and David and Riley all are very sick. Overseer Sandy Peterson led the meeting. It was happy and we laughed a lot. We entertained a new membership prospect.

Steven Evankow is in charge of the Lyme Farmers Market which opens in mid- June. He has a fabulous garden, grown prize-winning garlic and onions to mention a couple. He also shovels our walkways and plows out the Grange for us, spreading sand when necessary.

Amy is working hard on community service.

We are planning First & Second Degrees in April. It is National Grange month. What better a time to do them. Anyone who would like to witness them are all welcome. Bring candidates if you wish.

O n a balmy March evening we held our March meeting. Nor’easter predicted, so I guess March will come in like a lion and we can hope it will go out like a lamb. We draped our charter in loving memory of John Tiffany. He was a representative in the State Legislature for 30 years. Being a farmer, he advocated for farmers. He said after one hurricane “It may be romantic to eat dinner by candlelight, however, not when your automatic feeder in the barn does not work and you have 85 hungry cows to feed.”

We set a date for rehearsal for the first and second degrees. We need practice on floor work.

Things are looking promising, snow drops are in bloom and the daffodils are peeking their little heads up from their long winter nap.

We’re all looking forward to spring. “Can’t wait!”



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